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Yep, we all struggle with this. I’ve had the weight loss conversation one too many times in my life. With my friends, my husband, family, etc. Growing up in a Hispanic family meant that if I hadn’t seen an aunt or uncle in awhile and I put on a few pounds, they would definitely be commenting on it. Sometimes the most subtle of comments like “oh, you’re a little thicker”. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?! Do you mean thick like the good thick or do you mean thick as in I’ve gained too much weight and shouldn’t be wearing this outfit!? (LOL). It sucks. But I think we all do it, no matter what size we are.

****BY THE WAY, your weight is actually no ones business. Lose 30 pounds, gain 10 pounds, it’s YOUR business (and your doctor’s if you want it to be). People (family, friends, whoever) don’t have the right to tell you you’ve gained too much weight and they don’t have the right to tell you you’ve lost too much weight. It’s your damn business.

Sometimes I let myself believe that if I could just get down to a size 2, I’ll be happy. Then I remind myself that the moment I zipped that size 2 dress, I’d start working towards something else like a six pack or thinner thighs or thinner arms, the list goes on and on.

Do I think it’s important to live a healthy life and be mindful of what you put in your body? of course! there’s nothing like eating well for a few weeks and noticing the positive changes in your body and your skin. At the same time, I think we all get a little too obsessed (sometimes) with looking a certain way or even being perceived by others a certain way. I’ll admit it, a few times I’ve found myself actually thinking “oh great! I haven’t seen this person in awhile, I hope they think I’m thin” I mean… crazy or what?! but I’m sure I’m not the only one who does this. Am I?!

the famous crop top…
linked here if you’re interested

So what am I doing to stop this crappy way of thinking? I’m stepping out of my comfort zone. Two years ago I would go on and on about how I’d never been caught dead in a crop top. I thought I didn’t have the body type for it (I weighed the same weight that I am right now). Guess what? I currently own TWO! Do I actually show my midriff? No, I’m 27 and haven’t gotten past thinking I’m too old for that BUT I do wear them and that’s a big deal for me! I know that’s crazy because pretty much everyone my age and under wears crop tops, but a milestone for me nonetheless.

here it is again

In a world full of self-love and body positivity, you’d think it’d be easy to get past all of this stuff and just “love the skin you’re in”. Unfortunately it’s not that simple (for me at least). I think no matter what weight we’re at we tend to tell ourselves it’s not good enough and we compare ourselves to others no matter how hard we’re working. If you don’t love every little thing about yourself right now, it’s okay and honestly I think it’s pretty normal, but at the very least, be grateful for the body you have and don’t make others feel badly about theirs!

What’s your take on weight loss, health, or struggle? Tell me in the comments!

with love & gratitude,


** This is my personal experience with my weight. As always, I’m speaking from my heart and sharing how I’m dealing with this. We’re all on our own journey!


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