my experience with the mirena IUD and endometriosis

I have endometriosis and over the last ten years, I’ve tried a few different types of birth control to manage my symptoms.

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Endometriosis is incurable and painful. My journey with it has been long (and winding), but I’ve learned a lot.

For starters, my body doesn’t love birth control. I know you’re probably thinking you’re married, just have a baby and problem solved. It’s true that pregnancy does help ease the symptoms of endo, but I’m just not there yet. So, my search for the perfect symptom management drug/tool continues.

About 8 months ago I had another surgery (an excision of endometriosis). It went well and my doctor implanted the Mirena IUD. I was kind of excited. I had read good things about it and wasn’t too worried that I would suffer many of the side effects.

Honestly, I should have known better. As I said earlier my body doesn’t love birth control (*I had a 3-month cycle once, all while on birth control (a story for another time)). It has a history of not responding very well to it, but I thought this would be different.

after a couple of months…

About two months in, I started to gain weight. Granted, it was the holiday season and then COVID hit, but I gained more than I expected to.

*If you’ve been here before you may have read my post on The F*uck it Diet, it’s helped me accept myself quite a bit.

On top of that, my skin did a complete 360 (in the worst way). I developed hormonal cystic acne on my chin and jaw line. I do know a thing or two about skin care, so believe me when I say I have tried a FEW different remedies for this. Unfortunately, hormonal acne is just difficult to get rid of.

a few days after removal

Cut to last Thursday, I had the Mirena removed and started on Sprintec. It’s only been a few days, but I already feel better. I’ve truly already seen an improvement in my skin. While i still have a few bumps, the overall texture of my skin has started to improve. I can’t say the same for my moods, but i’m sure that has something to do with my hormones trying to readjust.

Have you ever or do you currently have the Mirena IUD? How has your body responded to it?

Share your experiences with me in the comments.

with love & gratitude,



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