earrings are my new addiction…

I used to hate earrings. My ears always hurt when I wore them, it was painful to take them off, and I just felt like I wasn’t pretty enough to wear them (true story). I always thought I was allergic to the metal used to make them, but I’m now convinced that if you wear them enough, your body just gets used to it (I could be totally off there so if you have severe allergies, please don’t take my word for it).

Not sure what’s come over me recently, but I LOVE them. I’m one to wear all white in the summer time so a pair of colorful earrings provide the perfect pop of color!

I’ve linked a few of my favorites here (all are super affordable):

my favorite colors are green and red, so when I saw these on Amazon I couldn’t resist!

Shop this pair here; they come in a few different colors!

My collection is not large at all, but I plan to grow it! I only included the ones that could be linked.

the green pair are from Amazon while the others are both from Target!

Also linking a few that I’m loving right now at Target!

Let me know if you’re loving these too!

with love & gratitude,



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