Is your skin thirsty, tired, and confused?

I am declaring this my week of SKIN! Keep up with me all week on Instagram to see what products i’m posting about and come back here to read about them!

So many of us don’t know what we should be using on our skin. I’m here to tell you what I love and use on mine.

First off, ANY product you buy, wether it be for skin or hair, should be researched (at least a little bit). Sephora makes this super freaking easy. Download the app, search for a product, and you’ll find hundreds of reviews from people with different skin types. Reviews help me A LOT when I’m deciding on new products.

Another trick? Get samples! Sephora hands these out for free. Go in, ask for a sample of whatever new product you’re wanting to try and voila! Samples are a great way to test out how your skin will react to a new product. I typically give a product 3-7 days to become friends with my skin. If they aren’t bff’s by the end of the week, then byeeeeee.

So where to start? Keep up with me on Insta and look out for my next post this week!

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Vacation Packing + Outfits!

Spring Break is coming up and I cannot wait! My husband is a teacher so we try to go away during his spring break every year. This year we’re spending the week with his parents in Fort Myers, FL. I’ve never been, but growing up Greg spent many of his spring breaks with his grandparents down there. He has a ton of fond memories and is really excited to go back and I’m excited to see the spots where so many of his memories took place. I’m also really excited to get out of this cold and spend some time in 80-degree weather!

Whenever I go away, I make a list of everything I need or want to pack. I used to be terrible at this. I’d throw a bunch of clothes into my suitcase and if I wore it, great and if not then whatever. I don’t do that anymore. It only causes stress and you almost always forget or wish you had packed something else.

So what’s on my list? I break it down into three sections: Skin (that includes make-up), hair, and clothes. I realize to some this may sound like a complete waste of time, but it really helps me! As I go through the list, I check off what I’ve packed (super satisfying, btw). In the skin section I put my cleanser, a few exfoliating pads, moisturizer, sunscreen, make-up, eye cream, night cream, and Vitamin C Serum.

The hair list is pretty simple (LOL) I pack three brushes (paddle brush and two round brushes – I do my own blowouts, even on vacation), blow dryer, straightener, Brazilian blowout bonding spray, shower cap, and a few butterfly clips!

My clothing list basically just says: underwear (duh), strapless bra, nude bra, black bra, socks, shorts, 4 bathing suits, etc. I don’t actually list out my outfits (would that make me totally crazy?! LOL).

I’ve been saving a few of the super cute spring/summer items I’ve purchased for this trip (and our trip to San Diego in July) and I can’t wait to wear them! Check out my finds! Tons of great sales happening right now!

Bathing suit linked here (I couldn’t find the red but the bluish green is on sale right now!
Out of Office Jute tote linked here
Bracelet is from Edwin Loy in Ohio and unfortunately is unlink-able BUT if you live in Ohio they have shops in Westerville and Delaware!
LOVE these shorts from J.Crew! They’re on sale now for 50% off!! (Linked here)
The t-shirt is also from J.Crew (linked here)
The charm bracelet is unfortunately unlink-able BUT it’s at Macy’s AND if you purchase in store it’s actually only $42 (cheaper than online) and it’s by Giani Bernini
Scored this bathing suit on Amazon (the top is a bit loose, but I LOVE the color and decided to keep it anyway (linked here)
Shorts are linked above
Shoes are on CRAZY sale at DSW (linked here)
Bag linked above
Bangles are from Francesca’s (also on sale 10$ linked here)
I snagged this ADORABLE dress from a boutique out in Westerville that you HAVE to check out; they have a site if you don’t live in Ohio you can still shop there! and shipping is free! (dress linked here)
Heels are DSW (linked here)
Earrings I got on Amazon too! (linked here)
I LOVE a good T-shirt dress and I got this one on SALE at the LOFT (favorite place) and the denim jacket I got last year at Loft but linked a similar one (40% off!)
(dress linked here)
(jacket linked here)
Wedges are Dolce Vita got them at DSW (linked here)

Last but definitely not lease is this pocketed t-shirt dress from Red Dress Boutique. I love this dress. It’s so incredibly soft and comfortable (not to mention affordable)
(dress linked here)
Earrings are from LOFT and on clearance! (linked here)

With love & gratitude,