Is your skin thirsty, tired, and confused?

I am declaring this my week of SKIN! Keep up with me all week on Instagram to see what products i’m posting about and come back here to read about them!

So many of us don’t know what we should be using on our skin. I’m here to tell you what I love and use on mine.

First off, ANY product you buy, wether it be for skin or hair, should be researched (at least a little bit). Sephora makes this super freaking easy. Download the app, search for a product, and you’ll find hundreds of reviews from people with different skin types. Reviews help me A LOT when I’m deciding on new products.

Another trick? Get samples! Sephora hands these out for free. Go in, ask for a sample of whatever new product you’re wanting to try and voila! Samples are a great way to test out how your skin will react to a new product. I typically give a product 3-7 days to become friends with my skin. If they aren’t bff’s by the end of the week, then byeeeeee.

So where to start? Keep up with me on Insta and look out for my next post this week!

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Try-on: Banana Republic

Current sale: 40% off purchase with code STYLE; if you’re a cardholder get an extra 10% off with code BRCARD

I’m a big fan of Banana Republic, Gap, and Old Navy. I can pretty much find what I’m looking for at any of these stores. Whether it be a pair of jeans, a blouse, a cute jumpsuit, or a fun dress. What I love most about them? There’s almost always a sale going on at at least one of these retailers.

At Banana Republic, I usually find really great quality items. When the items aren’t on sale, the price tag can be pretty high for my pocket. So when I can grab them at a great price, I take full advantage! PLUS, if you’re a cardholder at any of these stores, you get an additional 10% off at Banana!

I saw that there were having a sale and thought why not run in for a quick try-on?

Wearing a size 4 – TTS
linked here

I love a great fitting jumpsuit. I’m 5’1 and 127 lbs. I also have a small pudge 🙂 which I’m not a huge fan of but that’s a topic for another time. I tried this one on yesterday and felt great in it. I didn’t have to go for a petite because it’s cropped so that always makes me happy! I also love wearing white (I’m getting better and better and NOT staining my white tops lol). This one is great for so many occasions, you can wear it to a baptism, church, a barbecue, for a night out with the right accessories, for a day date, etc.

Not entirely sure what’s happening with my legs here
Wearing a size 4, but could possible size down to a 2 for a more fitting look
linked here

Next, I tried this adorable dress! Same pattern/print as the jumpsuit pictured above. This dress is super comfortable and great if you plan on eating a lot on the day you wear it! Fun fact about me: I base all of my outfit choices on how much I plan to eat that day.

It looks black in the photo, but it’s Navy Blue
Wearing a size 4 here – TTS
linked here

I LOVE a comfy dress and this navy blue one is that. It’s a more stretchy material and it has pockets! Who doesn’t love a dress with pockets?! I would wear this one to work or you could even pair it with a denim jacket and sandals for a casual day.

What you can’t see in this photo is that the zipper didn’t go up all the way!
Wearing a 4 here, but would size up to a 6
linked here

I spotted this midi-dress and fell in love with it. The cut is perfect (keeps you modest) and it’s great for a number of occasions. it’s not completely white (navy blue stripes) so you could wear it to a wedding or to a brunch with friends!

Full disclosure: I could not breathe in these pants so I would definitely size up to a 28.
I’m wearing a 4 in the blazer, but the arms a bit long so would go for a 6p
pants linked here
blazer linked here

Last but not least, this coral jeans and navy blazer combo. I saw these and fell in love with the color. The blazer was comfy and easy to move around in, which is great because there’s nothing worse than super stiff clothing. I liked the way they paired together. Navy blue and coral is never a mistake!

Let me know what you think in the comments? Any other Banana Republic lovers out there?!

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Try-on: Target!

I love a good find and Target never, ever fails me! I always leave with something great wether it be a dress, shoes or accessories. I left with a cute dress on my last TWO trips and this time was no different! I tried on a couple of different options and one adorable matching set.

I linked all of the items to make for easy shopping! Let me know which one is your favorite.

I left with this really comfortable, casual dress. It’s cinched at the waist which I love because it gives me some shape 🙂
Dress linked here

I love, love, love this set. It’s sold in two separate pieces so if you only wanted the top or the pants, you could purchase them separately. I’m wearing an XS in the pants and they fit ok, but I would prefer them in a small. The cami is size small and fits TTS.

and here it is untucked! I’m standing on my tippy toes so if you’re under 5’1, this is one you’ll have to wear with heels or have hemmed.
Pants linked here
Tank linked here

Next I tried this Prologue dress. I think it’s a great option for work. The material is pretty thick and it has buttons that go down the length of the dress. I’m wearing a small here, but would definitely size down to an XS. I tied it as tight as it could go, but it seemed to bunch up a bit in the front. I love the quality of it (I’m honestly impressed with everything I’ve tried by this brand so far).

Wearing a Small, but would suggesting sizing down
Dress is linked here

Last but not least I tried this white midi-dress. I liked the quality, but not the fit. I think I’m a bit too short for it. Otherwise, it’s super cute!

Wearing a small here. Fits TTS.
Linked here

Let me know which look is your favorite!

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Gap try-on!

I stopped by the GAP on my lunch break today because I saw they were having an amazing sale online! 40-70% off sitewide and an extra 20% off with code SUPER. Amazing, right!? I figured I’d head over to store and try a couple of different items on and I ended up buying the most adorable, versatile fitted button down shirt!

I love these looks because they’re really comfortable and can be worn on the weekend or on casual Friday at the office. The GAP offers so many different styles, it’s one of the reasons I love shopping there so much. They always have a great deal, the quality of the clothing is great and really cute!

I tried this super soft light green striped dress on first, I love the knot detail in the front because it helps to create that slimming effect that I love so much! The fit was TTS (I’m wearing a small). If you want a more relaxed fit I would size up one size.

Shop the dress here
Shop the shoes here

Next was this unbelievably comfortable t-shirt dress. I’d probably pair this with a jean jacket. I might also add a belt to give it some shape. It fit TTS (I’m in a small here) As for shoes, a pair of wedges, sneakers, or sandals would look great! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find this exact one online, but I linked a similar one!

Shop similar dress here
Shop the pants & sweater in the shop my instagram tab on the homepage!

I really love these pants! I tried on a six 6 (my usual size) but I would definitely size down in these. I think a 4 would have fit perfectly. These are great because again they can be worn to work or the weekend. The sweater had a really nice feel to it and I loved the fit. It runs TTS (I’m in a small).

Shop shirt on my ‘Shop my Instagram’ page!
I’m a big fan of shirts with some length in the back… I just love the way it looks.
You can wear it untucked!
It’s long enough in the front to tie it!

The last thing I tried was this adorable fitted boyfriend shirt that I ended up buying! I got such a great deal– It was originally $59, on sale in store for 50% off + and extra 20% off + and extra 10% off for being a cardholder!

I think it looks adorable with these chinos, but I’d wear it with jeans, denim shorts, a skirt, the options are endless with this one!

Let me know what you think!

with love & gratitude,



April – LOFT Friends +Family Sale!

Ann Taylor LOFT is having an awesome Friends + Family sale right now! 40% off + an extra 10% off your purchase! It ends April 20th so if you like anything shop it now!

LOFT is one of my favorite stores. They always have at ton of great basic options as well as great work and weekend wear. I feel like almost everything in the store can go from day to night with some accessory or shoe changes.

I ran over this afternoon to do a quick try-on session and I fell in love with quite a few pieces.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have any cute shoes with me! (LOL)

All of the outfits are linked for easy shopping. They are also available in my ‘Shop My Instagram’ page. 

This dress was one of my favorites and it’s great for easter! I love the pockets. It’s so flattering and the cuffed sleeves add a nice touch (shop here)
Adorable and EXTREMELY comfortable jumpsuit. I love the ribbing at the top. It is the softest material ever! (Shop here)
This terry cloth dress was comfy and TTS. I’m wearing a small here. I love the cuffed sleeves (shop here)
Jumpsuit!! I love this one so much. It’s perfect for work or weekend. It’s TTS, I’m in a 4 here and it fits comfortably (shop here)
I paired the jumpsuit with this adorable white blazer. I’m 5’1 and can never find a blazer with sleeves that are short enough for my arms. I would go with a petite if you’re a short. Otherwise, it’s TTS and I’m wearing a 4 (shop similar style here)
Love the buttons on these jeans. They’re high-waisted and a little snug (i’m wearing a 6 here). I’m either a 4 or 6 in jeans at LOFT (shop here)
I really liked these jeans and the bow detail at the bottom. I’m wearing a 4 here and they fit ok but if you want a little extra room in the waist, I would size up. This flowy top is also super cute, the back is a soft, stretchy material (Shop shirt here and jeans here)

Want to see more LOFT try-ons? let me know in the comments!

with love & gratitude,