easy tips for antiquing + my favorite columbus, OH shops

Greg and I have developed a love for retro and antique furniture. We’ve been known to spend hours bouncing from antique store to antique store looking for the perfect piece of furniture to mix in with the things we already own.

Let’s be honest, browsing through antiques can be a little overwhelming. You’ve probably been in one of those shops that looks like a tornado just went through it. You look around and nearly all of the items are covered in dust and piled on top of each other. I’m not a fan of this kind of store, but sometimes I’m on a mission to find a piece and I won’t let a little dust and clutter stop me.

Finding the right piece isn’t easy; it’s just like thrifting for clothes, you may have to look through five racks before finding one piece that fits your style. True story: we spent three weeks looking for a chair that was within our budget and fit well with the furniture we already had in our living room.

this is a 1920’s waterfall desk (or so I was told) that I painted – I really liked the look of it but it was pretty beat up so I used Valspar chalky paint finish to bring it back to life
the desk before I “restored” it

Keep these in mind:

  • Budget – How much can you afford to spend?
    • Have a price in mind and stick to it. If there’s an item within that ballpark, try talking the salesperson down and be honest about what you can afford. This may not always work because sometimes the item is very rare and they won’t be willing to lose out on it
  • Need – What are you looking for in a piece?
    • This one is important. Another thing to really think about before shopping, what do you need this item for and what room do you want it in? Most people don’t realize how useful something like a dresser can be. A dresser in your living room probably sounds bazaar, but paint it the right color and you have a functional accent piece where you can store your blankets.
  • Style – What piece could blend well with the style you already have?
    • Antiques are great, but they don’t look nice when you just throw a bunch of them together in a room. I advise mixing a few older pieces with a few new ones and try to think outside of the box.
  • Condition – Are you looking for something a little weathered or an older piece in perfect condition?
    • If you aren’t willing to set time aside to work on the piece or bring it back to lie, you probably want something that’s already in good condition. Antique furniture is kind of like a fixer-upper, it has potential, but you might have to work hard to see it.

If you’re a columbus local, check out some of my favorite stores:

Boomerang Room – 3274 N. High St Columbus, OH (this one is my favorite)

Westerville Antiques & Rustic Revamp Decor – 2 N. State St Westerville, OH

Peacock Lane Home – 615 N. High St Worthington, OH

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Living Room Refresh

with IKEA, Target, TJMaxx & Value City Furniture

This is after all of the changes! Links are below.

Greg and I have gotten really into antiquing.  We’ve spent the last few Sunday’s checking out different antique stores in Columbus, Westerville and Dublin and we’ve seen some pretty amazing things!

It inspired us to give our living room a little bit of a refresh. When we first moved in, I thought ‘Why bother putting effort into decorating? It’s just an apartment and we wont be here long.’ Well, turns out I was wrong in thinking this way. Living in a space that doesn’t feel inviting isn’t fun. It made us not want to be there and home is the one place you should feel most comfortable! So, we decided we would buy a few different pieces over the span of a few weeks so that it wouldn’t hit our pocket so hard.

This is before we bought the new rug, lamp and plant

Couch – Value City Furniture (linked here)

The couch I got a Value City Furniture and it’s currently half price! We got ours months ago and ordered it without the middle piece because we didn’t want it to take up to much space in our living room.

Boomerang Room (Check out their site here)

The first thing we added was the greenish/beige chair that we got at Boomerang Room in Clintonville. This is one of the better vintage/antique stores we’ve been to. Everything is clean and in pretty great condition.

The Mirror – Target (linked here)

Image result for Wood Ladder Standing Floor Mirror Walnut - Threshold™
Wood Ladder Standing Mirror at Target

I had been searching for a mirror for awhile.  I didn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on something for a space that we may not be in in a few months so it was a long search. Finally, this one came up on sale at Target. It was only $52! Can you believe it?! it’s on sale now for under $67 The back holds blankets or if you put it in your bathroom, towels! I love a multi-use anything.

End Table – TJMaxx

The end table is a TJMaxx special and can’t be linked but it’s super cute and was only $40 (it was on clearance). There was plenty of them in the store so if you like it, I suggest taking a ride over to your local TJMaxx ;). I linked a similar style here ( I kind of like these better! it’s a set of two)

Rug, light, and plant – IKEA (rug linked here; light linked here; bulb linked here; plant pot is linked here)

TÄRNABY Table lamp IKEA Small and easy to place anywhere you want to bring some coziness and mood lighting into your home.
Photo is from the IKEA website – it’s $19.99
lightbulb is $4.99
MUSKOT Plant pot IKEA Decorate your home with plants combined with a plant pot to suit your style.
MUSKOT plant pot; currently $9.99 or join IKEA family and get it for $7.49

We sprang for the rug, the small light on the table, and the plant this past weekend. All 3 are from IKEA. I love, love, love this rug! Bono destroyed the last one, but he’s finally potty trained now so fingers crossed he doesn’t muck this one up!

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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