Dealing with Insecurity

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I’ll start off by saying, I am not the most confident person. There are days when I just rip myself to shreds. I pick apart things that I don’t love about myself (my hair, my belly, my thighs, my nose, my forehead); it’s a long list. Anyway, I’m positive I’m not the only person that does this and so I thought “just be open about it”.

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Starting this blog meant having to put myself out there, take pictures of myself, hear my own voice (ugh, who wants to do that?!), and dealing with my insecurity and anxiety. When I took these pictures (well when Greg took them… all 238 of them), I picked every single one apart. I literally thought “too bad I’m not skinner, wow my forehead sucks, ugh I wish my upper lip existed, damn my hair needs another keratin treatment”. Again, super long list. After I said all of those things out loud, I realized, holy crap, I’m being really mean to myself.

Anyway, I struggle with getting past this stuff all the time and so I’ve started to try and change the rhetoric in my mind. Instead of focusing on all of the things I wish were different about myself, I put focus on the positive things. I won’t list those out because my confidence is just SOOO not at that level yet (LOL). But, it helps me to stop and think about good things instead of obsessing over all of the things I don’t necessarily love about myself.

If that doesn’t work, I think about the things I’m doing to better myself. For example, I don’t like my belly so i’ve challenged myself to walk at least two hours a day 4x a week. I don’t like my forehead, I’m learning how to contour better 😉 (just joking there, I can’t contour to save my life). You get the point.

I’m also honest with myself; no, i’ll never be 5’9 with long legs and blonde hair, so why compare myself to those people!?

Can you relate to any of this? let me know in the comments.

with love & gratitude,