3 Tatcha Beauty Products I Swear By…

The Deep Cleanse & The Rice Polish: Deep

I’m the girl with a drawer full of different skin care products. I have something for just about any skin-related issue you can think of. Dry skin? I have a cream for that. Oily skin? I have a serum for that. The point is: I love taking care of my skin and I invest a lot of time into researching the products that will work best for my particular concerns.

About two years ago, I was introduced to the Tatcha beauty products and I’ve been hooked ever since. I currently use The Deep Cleanse, The Rice Polish, and The Essence.

The Deep Cleanse ($38)

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This product is great for oily skin, uneven texture and pores. I personally have an oily T-zone and my cheeks tend to get dry in the winter, but I use this product all year long and it really helps to keep my skin balanced. I use it in the morning before applying any make-up and at night after taking my make-up off. I LOVE this product. It smells amazing, there’s no harsh fragrances added to it, which is a huge bonus in my opinion (I hate products with added fragrance it feels like I’m cheating my skin).

*I know tons of people use their facial cleanser as a make-up remover. I always advise against this. I just don’t think it really gets the job done. There are a lot of make-up removers out there, but if you ask me they all have the same job so there’s nothing wrong with using a $7 make-up remover! I use Neutrogena.

The Rice Polish: Deep ($65)

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The Rice polish is a wonderful little exfoliant that can be used daily. I think it’s a common misconception that your skin is being exfoliated simply because the product you’re using has tiny beads or seeds in it. The Rice Polish is a powder that you dab onto your hand and mix with a little bit of water. Lather it up until it turns into foam and apply it to your face. I lather it on my face for about 20 seconds then rinse.

It’s been my experience that physical exfoliants irritate my skin. I always feel like the beads/seeds are scratching my skin. I prefer chemical exfoliants because they get the job done without over-doing it (of course it depends on your skin and the product you use).

This product is great for uneven skin tone, normal to oily skin, dullness, and large pores. I use it four times a week (I also use another exfoliant on the other days but this post is about Tatcha!)

The Essence ($95)

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This stuff is the Holy Grail. It does everything (that might be a dramatization but I REALLY love this stuff). I waited awhile to purchase it because the price tag is kind of high and I wanted to make sure their other products worked for me, but I promise it’s worth the cost. It basically makes all of your other products work harder and better. The essence is applied after you exfoliate before applying anything else to your skin. You shake about two drops into your palms and press it onto your skin. If you use it modestly, it can last you quite awhile.

There are a slew of other products in my drawer that I adore just as much, but Tatcha truly changed my skin for the better and these products are a staple in my skin routine. I change up my serums and my night creams, but I consistently use these products.

Sadly, I don’t have before and after photos, but I had acne scars, uneven skin tone, and mild acne before I really committed to taking care of my skin. These products along with one or two others from separate brands really transformed my skin.

**This has been my personal experience with these products and all of these statements are based on my results. It goes without saying that they may work differently for everyone.

Feel free to reach out with any questions!

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