3 simple Questions to Ask Yourself Before Splurging on MDW Sales

It’s that time of year!

Memorial Day Weekend is upon us and the sales are almost as good as black Friday sales. EVERY store has some awesome, impossible-to-refuse, unbeatable deal happening and it’s so hard to avoid shopping! I’m here to tell you that it actually IS possible to avoid shopping or at the very least, overdoing it.

I’m no stranger to shopping sprees and trust me when I say, I have a hard time avoiding a good sale. We can pretty much convince ourselves that we NEED anything, but do we? do we REALLY need that pair of wedges that looks exactly like the pair we already own and is just SLIGHTLY different in color or height (questions I ask myself EVERY TIME I purchase another nude shoe)!

I’ve given this quite a bit of thought and so I came up with 3 things to ask myself before I buy something that isn’t a real necessity.

1. Can you spare the extra cash?

Probably the most important of all of the questions. It’s not really “Do I have money for this?” it’s “Can I afford to spare the extra money I do have on this particular item?” Two very different questions. Sure, you might have $200 sitting in your account just waiting to be spent, but does it really need to be spent on that one thing or things? The $200 thats just sitting there could sit in your savings account instead and rather than buying the $200 item, you could put it towards a large “necessity” in the future like a car, a house, an investment, etc.

I should also say that I’m all about “treating yourself”. Why work your butt off and not occasionally treat yourself to something nice? The problem is that when these kinds of sales roll around, it’s hard to treat yourself just ONCE.

2. Is this something you need? Something you’ll get great use out of?

This question is all about wether or not you actually need something. If it isn’t a necessity, say for example, it’s a sun dress and you have four other sundresses, but you really want this one and it’s only $20. My guess is that a $20 dress won’t last you very long. Items on the less expensive side tend to fall apart after two or three washes and that’s when your extra $20 ends up in the garbage. This is where I’d advise you to save the extra $20 four more times so you can buy the more expensive dress that will last way longer. The more you can use a product or item, the more value it adds to your life.

3. Finally, is this really worth the price? Can I actually get a better deal?

So that’s two questions, but they go hand in hand for me. Is that dress WORTH $80 (to me) or can I hold out for a better deal? EVERYONE flocks to the mall for Memorial Day sales just the same way everyone flocks to the stores on Black Friday. Yes, the sales are great, but guess what? That item will probably be on clearance or on sale again in a few weeks. I see this all the time with major retailers. They have a huge sale, something like 40% off your entire purchase + an extra 10% off. Seems super exciting, right? Then, a few weeks later their offering an extra 60% off sale and all of the items you bought in the 40% + 10% sale are suddenly marked down more than half price.

Remember that the people who set these sales up know what they’re doing! If you head to the mall for just ONE store, you’ll end up at five. So before you throw your shopping shoes on and head to the mall (or an online store), Ask yourself these three questions!

Did you find this helpful? or do you totally disagree? Let me know in the comments!

with love & gratitude,



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